Bargello Embroidery Journal
Bargello Embroidery Journal
Bargello Embroidery Journal
Bargello Embroidery Journal
Bargello Embroidery Journal
Bargello Embroidery Journal

Bargello Embroidery Journal

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Here is a groovy Bargello Embroidery Journal, which has been designed for you to be able to document all of your Bargello projects and designs.

What's even better is that this Journal also contains 10 squares per inch and 12 squares per inch graph paper. I chose these two sizes of graph paper since 10 count plastic canvas and 12 count tapestry canvas are the perfect sizes for most tapestry wools such as DMC, Appletons and Anchor when used with a size 18 tapestry needle and applied using the Bargello style of stitching.

I designed the graph paper so that it has thicker black lines every inch of the particular square count to enable you to keep track of how many inches your design is using.

The graph paper is also scaled to size so when sketching out your Bargello stitch ideas for a particular project, you can see how it looks at that particular size.

I also designed the graph paper with a white border edging so that you can rip out the paper and stick it together on these border areas for drawing out bigger Bargello projects such as cushions.

The journal is A4 in size and has a white spiral bound finish to enable you to easily turn the pages and keep them open when working on your project ideas.

The front and back covers of the Journal are printed on a nice quality 300 gsm silk paper. The inside of the Journal consists of 60 pages in total. These contain the following:

20 pages x project notes (this is where you can make notes about the current Bargello project you're working on and detail the dates of when you started and finished the project. It also has sections on this page to note the threads and fabric used and also space for general notes - see photos for examples of how this page can be used).

20 pages x 10 squares per inch graph paper (this is ideal for Plastic Canvas, which Bargello-a-GoGo uses a lot in their kits and patterns).

20 pages x 12 squares per inch graph paper (this is ideal for 12 count tapestry canvas and again, is perfect for tapestry wools such as DMC, Appletons and Anchor, when creating Bargello stitches).

Please note that the Journal inner pages are printed double sided so there are 10 leaves per section (30 leaves in total). Again, the paper inside is a nice quality 120 gsm weight paper, which is uncoated so it is perfect for writing your notes on and drawing up your designs.

This is my personal go to Journal when working on all of my Bargello projects and I find it very useful to be able to store all of my project notes in one place. This is why I wanted to make it available for other Bargello crafters to use too.

Check out my other listings in my shop for other Bargello supplies such as the Bargello-a-GoGo embroidery scissors and embroidery needle tins that you may like to purchase alongside this groovy journal.

Bargello-a-GoGo will be uploading further Bargello supplies, patterns and kits over the next few months so feel free to subscribe to the newsletter and follow @bargelloagogo on Instagram and Bargello A Go Go on Facebook for the latest updates.

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