My name is Natalie and I live by the sea in the wonderful city of Brighton and Hove in the UK.

I discovered Bargello embroidery a couple of years ago, when looking through some vintage embroidery books and have been addicted to it ever since!

This embroidery style was very popular in the 1960's & 70's. Since I love wearing the fashion and listening to the music from these eras, it was a natural progression for me to experiment with this style of embroidery.

Fast forward several months later after discovering this vintage craft and Bargello-a-GoGo was created!

All the creative magic mainly happens in my Embroidery Studio where you'll find me most days. I'm on a mission to share my Bargello Embroidery knowledge with you in the form of free online video tutorials and also create vintage inspired Bargello embroidery patterns/kits and share them with other crafters!

One of my favourite parts of packing and posting your orders is that I get to type my Thank You Letters to you using my original 1969 Olivetti Valentine Typewriter.

Since I'm a small business owner and it's only me that works in it, it's important to me to give you that personal touch when posting your Bargello Goodies that you wouldn't get with a larger company.

I value all of your support as customers so that's why it's important to me to take the time to write these letters to you.

My long term goal is for Bargello-a-GoGo to become your one stop shop for all your Bargello embroidery supplies, patterns and kits.

I'm working hard at the Bargello-a-GoGo Studio to continue to bring some exciting new patterns, kits, workshops/free tutorials and bargello related products to the shop so please subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram: @bargelloaogo and Facebook: Bargello A Go Go to be the first to know about the latest product releases and offers!

Take a trip with me into the wonderful world of Bargello embroidery....