What materials do I need to for Bargello embroidery?

Since experimenting in Bargello embroidery and after trying out many types of threads, canvas and various size embroidery needles, I have found the following materials to be my favourite:

  • Tapestry Thread - There are some great Tapestry Wool brands such as DMC, Appletons and Anchor. They all have a great colour choice and give a nice, full coverage of the tapestry canvas.
  • Size 18 Tapestry needle - I have found this size needle works really well with the threads described above and also with the style of tapestry canvas I use.
  • 10 Count Plastic Canvas - I absolutely love this! It is great for beginners, sews up quite quickly and I love how rigid it is so I can make 3D items such as bags.
  • 12 Count Tapestry Canvas - I have found this size canvas to work best with the types of tapestry thread I use and is better for more fabric style projects such as cushions.

Other essential items that I find useful are:

  • Embroidery scissors (for cutting the threads)
  • Needle threader (for threading the embroidery needle)

And that is all you really need to get started.

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