Making a Bargello Uniform for Little Miss Daisy

I have a wonderful English Cocker Spaniel called Daisy who comes to work with me everyday in my studio at Bargello-a-GoGo HQ.

To keep in the spirit of all things Bargello! I decided to make her a cute little dog harness with Bargello Embroidery.

I knew I would be using Zweigart 12 Count Tapestry Canvas and Tapestry Wool since plastic canvas would be too stiff to make into a dog harness.

I first had to decide on a colour scheme. Since Daisy is a girl and golden in colour, I knew I wanted to do the Bargello Pattern in pinks with a hint of Yellow to brighten up the Bargello Pattern. 

I next had to decide on what Bargello pattern I would use in the Harness Pattern I was going to make. The actual harness front isn't too large (like a cushion size for instance) so I wanted to keep the pattern fairly simple. I therefore decided on a zig-zag pattern. I wanted to add a bit of a design twist to it so decided to make it a straight bargello pattern as it went around the neck area.
Once I had sewn Bargello pattern onto the canvas, I got the rest of the harness components together.
I used a cotton fabric backing for the harness in a shocking pink colour, which I felt worked well with the Bargello colour scheme. I also decided to edge the harness in a velvet trim because I knew it would be easier to sew the harness together with this edging, rather than sewing the canvas and backing cotton right sides together, then having to turn it out to right side. This would have caused a lot of bulk in the seam edges and also may have really frayed the canvas trying to turn it this way.
I initially had a choice of velvet trimmings to choose from in the pink, yellow and wine colour options.
In the end I decided the wine shade would work best. I sewed together the harness using a sewing machine and Daisy has been using it and loving it ever since!
Here is little miss Daisy enjoying herself on one of her regular morning Beach walks on our way to the Bargello-a-GoGo Studio!

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  • Elizabeth DeBarr

    This is terrific!! Thank you for sharing @lizzienj

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