Learn how to make this Bargello Embroidered Pot Holder


These written instructions have been designed to use alongside the following video:


10 x Skeins of Appletons Tapestry Wool in the following Shades:

2 x Shade 841

2 x Shade 942

2 x Shade 442

2 x Shade 481

2 x Shade 553

A Size 18 Tapestry Needle

1 x Sheet of 10 HPI Plastic Canvas

Embroidery Scissors

Paper Scissors (for cutting out the Plastic Canvas)

Ink Pen (for marking out the Plastic Canvas before cutting)

A plain glass cylinder vase to put inside the pot that measures approx 9cm in diameter x 15cm in height.

FINISHED POT WILL MEASURE APPROX 10cm Diameter x 16.5cm Height

Here is a Close Up Chart of the Bargello Pattern:


The video shows you how to sew the Bargello Stitches and join the canvas to make it into a pot holder but I have provided some additional written instructions below to help you with this project.

1) Cut out a piece of 10 HPI (Holes Per Inch) Plastic Canvas that measures 131 Squares in length x 65 Squares in height.

2) Work the first row of Bargello Stitches as below:

3) Work the second row of Bargello Stitches as below:

4) Work the third row of Bargello Stitches as below:

5) Work the fourth row of Bargello Stitches as below:

6) Work the remainder rows as below:

7) Add the compensation stitches as below:

8) Follow the video to see how to join the pot and whip stitch the edges



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