Introducing Appletons Tapestry Wool in my new What's New Pussycat? Bargello Embroidery Cushion Kit.

I'm excited to announce that the latest Bargello-a-GoGo Bargello embroidery kit is now using Appletons Tapestry wool (instead of DMC that had been used for previous kits).

There are a couple of reasons why going forward, I've decided to use the Appletons brand of Tapestry Wool instead.

They use 100% Pure English Wool and it is also manufactured and dyed in the UK.

Since Bargello-a-GoGo is based in the UK, I was keen to support a manufacturing business in the same country.

Compared to other Tapestry Wool brands, there is a great option of having either skeins or hanks in my kits (depending on how much wool is required for the kits). The skeins also contain 10 metres rather than 8 metres (compared to DMC) so that was also really appealing to me.

I love the fact that Appletons wool currently have 421 different shades to choose from plus they are soon adding some exciting new shades to their collection, which I'm keen to test out!

Appletons have a long history in producing fine tapestry and crewel wool, going back over 180 years! I was really excited to discover that many of their colours are the original shades that were used by William Morris in his designs.

I really love the William Morris patterns and loved the revival his patterns had during the 1960s when the shop Granny Takes A Trip produced some amazing jackets for Men that were worn by celebrities such as The Beatles.

My husband even owns a William Morris print jacket, which was produced by a friend who created a clothing brand reproducing similar jackets to What Granny Takes A Trip had produced in the 60s.

Here is a photo of us taken a couple of years ago at a club where he is wearing this fab William Morris print:

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