Finding time for creative activities such as embroidery

For some time, I've had many people saying to me upon discovering that I'm an embroidery designer that they would like to try a creative pursuit (or even Bargello Embroidery) but they don't have enough time in their day to do anything like this.
I get it, we all only have 24 hours in a day and during that time we require sleep and most of us work and have other responsibilities that take up a lot of our time.
However, I wanted to share some top tips for making some time for your creative hobbies:
  • Find a creative hobby you'd like to try (such as bargello embroidery) and find a project that excites you to try it out, so you immediately have some passion to want to find some time in your busy day to do this project.
  • Initially you could try spending 15 minutes a day on your creative project and build up the minutes to perhaps one hour.
  • The beginning or end of the day may work best for you to work on your creative hobby. Perhaps you could get up half hour earlier or if you commute to work via public transport, you may be able to squeeze some time in the travel to work on your creative project. Perhaps you can make some time in the evenings before going to bed to work on a creative project. Bargello embroidery can easily be done whilst doing another activity in the evening such as watching TV or listening to a Podcast/Audio book.
  • If you were able to manage an hour a day, that adds up to around 30 hours per month, which means you could potentially get a whole project finished in that time.
  • BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF - Creative hobbies are meant to be a way to unwind and relax so don't feel under pressure to get something done around your other life commitments. If you miss a day here and there, it's not a problem, you can pick up where you left off when you're ready again.
  • Sometimes we can get stuck when working on a creative project and lose passion mid way through if it is taking time or you've been tired and have made mistakes and need to go back and re-do. It's all part of the learning process, especially when trying a new hobby so just be kind to yourself. Plus I find that re-doing the mistakes is much easier than the the actual thought of doing never seems as bad when you actually go back to working on them. You may end up resisting finishing a project but try and remember the end result of what you wanted to achieve and hopefully this will carry you through to finishing.

If you're new to a hobby, I always find trying a kit first is a great way to start out. If you're wanting to try Bargello Embroidery, check out the kits on offer here (click on photo):

Lastly some other final suggestions, if you're struggling to find the motivation to try a creative hobby by yourself at home, you could arrange a group gathering over a picnic in the summer to try a new craft and everyone could get a kit to try such as embroidery or you could join a group or workshop where you need to attend and work on your creative project. 

Still thinking you haven't got the time? I wanted to share a quick story with you....

My husband has a full time business and works 60 plus hours a week and has always wanted to try pottery. His aim and passion for doing this was so that he would be able to make his own ceramic pots for plants in our garden.

He knew deep down, he would never make the time for pottery at home around work as there would always be a reason to do something else such as just relax and watch tv, cook dinner, tidy up the garden etc.

He was able to finally find time and motivate himself to try this hobby by signing up to a local weekly 2 hour workshop one evening a week after work. He has been doing this now for several months and absolutely loves his classes! Just 2 hours per week is sufficient for him to do a creative activity and it doesn't interfere with his work and other life responsibilities. Every week he really looks forward to his evening after work when he is doing pottery. He also feels happy that he has achieved learning a new skill and making something. His pottery skills are improving with every class:

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please feel free to comment about your creative hobbies or any other advice you can give with regards to finding time to work on them.

If you would like to try a Bargello embroidery workshop, I currently have a couple of workshops I will be teaching at the Carry on Crafting Festival in July.

Click on either photo below for more information:

I hope I get to meet some of you in July if you're able to make it to this event:


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