Making cute little Bargello additions for my Bargello-a-GoGo Studio!

I love adding little groovy objects to display in my studio that make me happy every time I look at them.

Over the past few months I have purchased several fun retro felt ornaments from a company called Made By Stitch Studio including this cute little Pink Fawn which I thought looked great alongside my Bargello-a-GoGo Coasters and retro Babycham Glasses:

One of the latest additions to my studio was this groovy orange felt Alpaca:
I felt really inspired by the 70s retro feel of this ornament to create a little fun Bargello item to go with it! 
I thought it would be great to create a fun Bargello rug to stand on and here is a photo of what I created:
I used a diamond style Bargello pattern as it created the rectangular style I wanted for the rug. Plus it gave a centre stitch design, which resulted in the stitching going out in opposites directions at each end of the rug to give it a nice even design.
I decided to add tassels at each end of the rug to give it that extra groovy, fun, retro feel I was after. By adding two striking colours to the tassels, it made the rug really effective.
The great thing about this rug is it didn't take up a lot of tapestry wool so I was able to use up oddments of wool that were left over from other bigger Bargello designs.
These cute little additions, all add to the fun, retro feel that I love to create in my Bargello-a-GoGo studio!
If you'd like to check out what other groovy felt ornaments are currently for sale at Made By Stitch Studio, check out their website:

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